Crisis in Ukraine in Unkraine

Crisis in Ukraine

Throughout much of the last couple of centuries, the Balkans have proven to be the source of trouble in Europe and Russia. From the Crimean War, the assassination or Arch-Duke Francis Ferdinand, to the collapse of Yugoslavia it has been an area rife with ethnic tension and intrigue. It is of little surprise that the first multi-state war of the 21st Century had its genesis here.

New World Order

In early 2014 the situation in Ukraine finally came to a head. Clashes between protesters and police became violent. This led to the Ukrainian Revolution which resulted in President Viktor Yanukovych fleeing the country and then being impeached. The ouster of Moscow’s alley brought Russian action as they engineered Crimea voting to leave the Ukraine and as to join the Russian Federation. For the remainder of 2014 Russia amassed forces on the Ukraine border while beginning operations to destabilize the eastern part of the country.

Russian Troop Deployment

Summer of False Hope

Over the summer several attempts were made to head of the crisis before it expanded beyond Ukraine. Each time the European Union, the United States, Ukraine and Russia attended meetings and announced agreements that were promptly ignored. By late August it became clear that the parties were not willing to compromise to end the crisis. This led NATO to vote at the beginning of September to support Ukraine as if they were a full NATO member.

Hidden Strings

In April a rumor started circulating on conspiracy websites that Vicktor Yevchanko was behind the incidents in the Crimea. According to the theory, he is an elder vampire that is located in Crimea and has strong ties to Russia. He was concerned with the populist move away from Russia and this caused him to place events into motion that led to Crimea voting to join Russia. Being a recluse lent credence to the theory since he has been rarely seen outside of his home.


December 30th 2014 Russian troops and armor enter Ukraine. This happened even after NATO voted to consider Ukraine a member after Russian actions relating to the Crimea. This event would be the catalyst for the Euro-Russia war and would dominate the remainder of the decade.

Crisis in Ukraine

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