2045 Tian Incident

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The Tian Incident

Orbital Dynamics and Cessna Worldwide were both biding for an very large contract. The competition became very intense involving corporate espionage, coercive employee recruitment and even an assassination. Both companies were able to keep this quiet for a time, but in September a high profile incident happened that would have long lasting repercussions.TianSpaceStation.png

A team working for Cessna attempted to steal a prototype component from Orbital Dynamics Tian facility. Tian was a space station owned by Orbital Dynamics and was used for research and manufacturing. The team was discovered and in an attempt to cover their tracks they left a device attached to the central computer. The device detonated shutting down all the computers on the station. Including the ones that managed life support and kept the station in a geosynchronous orbit.

Within hours everyone onboard the station was dead and its orbit began to degrade. The station made an uncontrolled reentry into the Earth’s atmosphere and landed near Washington DC. Over 5,000 people died on the station and another 115,000 died on Earth. This was latest in a serious of fatal incidents caused by corporations. This was the final catalyst that would lead to the Vienna World Accord passed in 2048.

2045 Tian Incident

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