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The world has been shaped by many events. The following is a collection of the main events that have occurred since the start of the 21st century that have impacted the world of today.

In the first two decades, personal technology and wearable technology become prevalent. By the end of the 2nd decade, distinct technology such as computers, tablets and phones begin to disappear as flexible screens; comm devices and other breakthroughs begin to change the nature of personal technology. The first early adopters appear, but the pace of adaption will accelerate heading into the 2020s.

During the later half of the 2010s, Non-State Actors begin to have an outsized influence on the world. The rise of drone technology, cyber warfare and the democratization of technology, particularly social technologies lead to a weakening of the Westphalian State. Early it was seen as a rise in opposition movements, as well as terrorism, but by the end of the decade, multi-national corporations start to view themselves as independent states. The cyberpunk writing of the 1980s appeared to be coming true.


Main Events

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