Future History

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Future History Timeline

2000 to 2020

Crisis in Ukraine The Events that led to the Euro-Russian War. TableSymbol.png
Euro-Russian War First Multi-State War of the 21st Century TableSymbol.png
Wearable Tech Wearable Technology becomes common TableSymbol.png
Financial Crash The World Economy Crashes TableSymbol.png
The Reaper Virus The first confirmed virus born from the internet. TableSymbol.png


Reaper Virus The Reaper Virus is finally defeated TableSymbol.png
West Coast Fire Multi-State 8 Month Range/Forest Fire. TableSymbol.png
Secure Internet Overhaul of the Internet Infrastructure. TableSymbol.png
Convergence The rise of the PAN TableSymbol.png
Proteotronics First successful embeddable HDI developed. TableSymbol.png


Nova Civitas New City on the West Coast. TableSymbol.png
Sustained Fusion First Commercial Fusion Plant. TableSymbol.png
Hurricane Julia Most Powerful Hurricane. TableSymbol.png
Arianna 1 First self aware AI. TableSymbol.png
Supersonic Jet First Supersonic Corporate Jet TableSymbol.png


O599 First commercial Space Plane. TableSymbol.png
The Tian Incident The event that changed it all. TableSymbol.png
Vienna Accord The establishment of one world government TableSymbol.png






Future History

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